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About the Company

Old London Bus Ltd. has been in operation since 2004 as a bus hire company, before it was used to preserve historic buses only. The types of red London buses available are classic and from an earlier age. Built in 1940s and 50s and 60s, they are red, double deck and with an open back platform, no door, so a conductor is always on board for your safety. Travel anywhere within a reasonable time, as our buses are very comfortable but do not have an on onboard toilet. Usually a period not exceeding 2 hours is comfortable, but of course organised stops for toilets or refreshment are always possible. Any journey on one of these old buses will give you an experience from London history, passers-by will be intrigued and interested enough to look, photograph and wave. We have available 26, 56 and 72 seat buses but depend on availability. Drinking and eating on the buses is not a problem, plastic drinking vessels must be used though. No corkage is charged. Vintage crew uniform and a real London Transport ticket machine is provided on the very old buses. Passengers will be issued tickets by the conductor.